Boutique gym

Movement is vital for good health. However, training doesn’t always contribute to health. Luckily we know what works.

In our Boutique gym we offer various programs in the areas of yoga, meditation, internal martial arts and strength training.

Your safety comes first. The results will come naturally. Especially when the Boutique gym is combined with revitalizing Cryo Therapy and hormone-safe nutritional advice.

Our luxury gym space is also available for Private Gym sessions. Small groups, yoga teachers, health coaches and personal trainers can rent the space. We also like connecting with like minded health and gym professionals.



Martial arts


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Yoga is a great way to get fitter and feel more relaxed at the same time. It is an age-old tradition that for many people ensures better health, positivity and more zest for life. Pragma Health’s certified yoga coaches have developed different yoga programs for different goals.




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To strengthen and tone your whole body there may be no workout as effective as kickboxing. It is a true full body workout which also makes you mentally stronger. Pragma Health is not a traditional kickboxing gym. With the help of professional coaches (including professional fighter Ella Grapperhaus) we use kickboxing as a part of our accessible training offer for body and mind. Self-confidence, increased strength, better self-defense and higher stamina are the result.

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Internal Martial Arts

If fight sport is a little too much and yoga is just not enough, then Internal Martial Arts are for you. Throughout the years we have compiled various movement programs that are based in the martial arts. By mindfully using elements from Yoga, (Shaolin) Kungfu, Meditation, Karate and Qi Gong, we have managed to create a unique class schedule. Internal Martial Arts will lift your life physically, mentally and spiritually to a higher level.

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Mindful meditation

Meditation is often associated with woolliness but it is actually very practical. Meditating helps you distance yourself from daily life. You use the calmness that you get from meditating as fuel to continue and leave things behind you. You will become calmer, more focused, and more efficient. Pragma Health is an expert in the area of meditation for professionals, in relationships, and as a tool for personal development. Discover our courses.

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40-day Challenge

A training program especially developed to create change. It is the ultimate self-help investment that you can make. With a group of like-minded people we will take on the challenge of committing ourselves for 40 days to a personal health mission. This will help us bring out the best in ourselves and in others. All previous editions were a huge success. The course is available for individuals as well as companies and (sports) teams.




Strength training and Hormonal Balance Fitness

Strength training and (hormone) fitness The benefits of strength training are underestimated by a lot of people. With the right strength training yo can let your body work for you. Stronger muscles will help you lose weight and improve your metabolism. Apart from the physical benefits strength training is also beneficial for self-confidence and it enhances cognitive functioning.

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Kickboxing 1 on 1




We are proud that professional kickboxer Ella Grapperhaus teaches this special personal training at Pragma Health. She adjusts her classes to your goals. Ella’s incredible experience in professional kickboxing and her coaching background make these 1 on 1 sessions one of our favourite Pragma PT’s.


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Personal trainers

Are you a personal trainer looking for high quality facilities? Then inquire about the possibilities. The Pragma boutique gym is spacious and ergonomic. The selection of professional equipment provides a variety of training options.

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Private gym 

The gym can be rented for private training and group sessions of up to 6 people. The equipment from Nautilus and others allows for a very high training resistance. The Hitbike (air bike) and the 180 cm heavy bag also allow for great cardio work. You can make a reservation through our booking system..

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