Lifestyle coaching

A healthy lifestyle is the foundation of good health. Good health is the foundation of happiness. This seems like a simple truth. But it is still a challenge for most people to find a nice balance in daily life. After all, there are so many things to consider. And then we haven’t even mentioned the many temptations that surround us at every moment yet.

We have dedicated our life to lifesytle coaching. Decades of experience has taught us that everyone is unique and can benefit from a personal plan that suits their goals and character. To truly become healthy you have to live it. We help you with this. You will be amazed with yourself.

lifestyle coaching

Before we start to discuss lifestyle changes, we will first determine the main aspects that form a lifestyle. The necessity to pursue a lifestyle change has to do with hormonal imbalance. This leads to complaints that cannot be justified given the lifestyle that someone had.

Growing towards another lifestyle has bringing the hormones back in balance as its goal. Some factors that influence an imbalanced hormone situation are nutrition, recovery after work, mental state, social relations, movement/sports and energetic level.


Vriendelijke en vakkundige eigenaren die goeie advies geven over voeding en beweging. Voor de rest een schone salon en super netjes. Sinds ik daar behandeld wordt heb ik minder last aan mijn rug.


You get what you want here. Lots of attention and explanations or a moment of rest and time for yourself. A great place to return again and again.


Thanks to your health advice and regular treathment, I have been relieved of my long-term back pain. Thank you so much.


“I feel as if I am at least 20 years younger again, and I am again enjoying my life!”