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 At Pragma Health we like to surround ourselves with like-minded professionals and coaches. We would love to introduce our unique Pragma Coaches to you. Our coaches are a part of our program and can also be booked separately. The Pragma Coaches have in common that they all belong in the top of their discipline and have an integral vision of physical and mental well being.

Ella Grapperhaus

Professional kick boxer | Burn-out coach | Personal trainer 

Kickboxing is my biggest passion and my priority. I personally go into the ring at a professional level and I use my knowledge and experiences as a trainer.

There’s no sport more beautiful than kickboxing. I know what it’s like to push yourself to the extreme. It makes you stronger in every aspect. I believe that working hard to realize your goals is the most important thing that you can do.

As a trainer I will teach you in detail the techniques of this sport. I will help you improve your stamina and strength. You will become stronger in your life!

I believe in the power of this beautiful sport. I believe in the power of the basal expressions of kicking and hitting that can feel so liberating!

Kickboxing offers confidence and strengthens you in every aspect. As a professional kick boxer and graduated applied psychologist with a specialty in Work and Organisation I have also completed the training to become a Burn-out coach. I have worked for years within the human resources field.

I combine my knowledge of my sport, education and work to help working professionals. The working professional interests me and kickboxing is my passion that I give everything for. As a trainer I use these two interests. People are at their most beautiful when they work and fight for a goal. That is what I want to commit my experience and time to.

Reshma Gayadin-Bahadoer

Yoga teacher | Wellness coach

Reshma has worked for 22 years in various functions in the banking world, insurance world, and 15 years in real estate. She really found her passion in real estate.

For all these years Reshma worked with a strong sense of responsibility, perseverance and purposefulness. So goal-oriented that thinking started to get the upper hand and the feeling of what she personally needed was pushed further to the background.

An accident at work brought her back to reality. During her recovery she switched off her thinking mind and started feeling what she needed. She asked herself, in what sustainable way could she contribute to society?

She decided to follow an education to become a yoga teacher, teacher Child yoga & Teenage yoga. She also followed an education to become a coach through the virtue project. Various courses in the domains of improving wellness followed.

Reshma is now a yoga teacher, teaches chair yoga to the elderly and gives various workshops & sessions. Apart from her work for her own practice, Reshma is a beloved Pragma Coach.

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