1/5 The person

Dr. Bob Out

Pragma Health is the life work of Bob Out. In his previous life people mostly knew him as dr. Bob Out. However, this title has nothing to do with the medical world. Bob received his PhD in 1987 at the VU in Amsterdam. He specialised in financial markets and mathematical economics. In the 80s he used his knowledge in Japan and China to guide large institutional investors with their investments. Later in his life he initiated and guided the founding of an investment bank in Amsterdam. After a long, intense but also informative career in the financial world Bob decided to become a lifestyle coach.

2/5 First hand experience

soft martial arts and yoga

That Bob would become a lifestyle coach wasn’t always so obvious. He has a past as an economic scientist and international business man. However, he had a burn-out in the 90s. Too much stress and not enough attention to his lifestyle took their toll on him. It was time for Bob to take things a little slower. Luckily he did this. He started learning about the softer forms of Martial Arts such as Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. But he didn’t just study them. Bob is a certified yoga teacher and is affiliated with the Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Nutrition and coaching also didn’t escape Bob’s interest in research. Bo started seeing certain connections between imbalance due to stress and effects in our body. Hormones and lifestyle play an important role in this. Bob decided to delve deeper and share his knowledge with management teams and corporate boards.


3/5 the essence

hormonal balance

Hormones aren’t just a concern for women. On the contrary. A healthy hormone balance is equally important for men. Stress hormones disrupt the natural rhythm and can lead to a burn-out in the end if the stress persists for long enough.

During his health journey Bob reached the conclusion that hormonal balance is the key to good health. The number of health complaints and physiological discomforts that can be reduced and even taken away is huge.

Bob realized that hormonal balance is also especially effective for athletes, working professionals and really anyone who wants more vitality and energy.

Ir. Ralph Moorman’s Hormone Factor convinced Bob to follow and successfully complete the training to become a Hormone Factor trainer at Sonnevelt Opleidingen.This is how his new life as a lifestyle coach started. Take a look at a conversation between Ralph Moorman and Bob here.

4/5 The solution

Pragma Health studios: 

lifestyle centre for body and mind

After having multiple different practices in coaching, cryo therapy, yoga and mindful movement Bob decided to start the family company Pragma Health Studios. Pragma Health has an integral view of health. In other words: to live healthier the body and mind have to be in balance. Hormones regulate this relationship. We make the connection.

The knobs to adjust the hormones are our four Pragma health pillars;

  • Relaxation
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Movement and exercise
  • Recovery

Together with his son Joël, Bob ensures that every month dozens of people are living healthier and more vital lives. Everyone with his or her personal goal and personal preference. In the neat lifestyle centre in Amstelveen modern techniques are combined with years of experience in coaching, movement and health. In the spacious building you can also find a spacious boutique gym for yoga, martial arts, strength training, group sessions and training programmes. In the centre Pragma Health partners with various health and gym professionals.

5/5 The primal force of cold

Cryo therapy

One of the unique components of the Pragma Health program is cryo therapy. Cryo therapy uses the cold to activate the regenerative abilities of the body. Cryo therapy is very well-known in professional sports. Big names praise it. Luckily it is now also starting to find its way to a larger audience. And rightfully so, because the results are incredible time and time again. Especially when combined with healthy nutrition, stress reduction and movement, cryo therapy is a true gem.

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