Pragma  Intake

Fill out the online intake form and receive a free consultation by phone (worth €30.-)

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How does it work?

With the Pragma Intake we will take a thorough look at your situation. Based on your complaints and/or goals you will receive a personal plan from us.

The steps of the Pragma Intake:

  • You will receive a questionnaire digitally or by mail
  • There will be a free consultation by phone
  • If you decide to continue we schedule an appointment in our lifestyle centre for your assessment (±1 hour – 1.5 hours)
  • After our conversation and the analysis you will receive a personal plan based on your lifestyle, goals and complaints
  • The cost of the Pragma Intake is 120 Euro


After completing the online questionnaire you will receive an email to make an appointment for a no-obligation telephone consultation. This way you can decide free of charge whether the Pragma Intake is something for you. If you have any questions in the meantime, you can always contact us.

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You found us!

If you are looking for more than what conventional training can offer you, Pragma Health is the right place. We train the physical as well as the mental. We make the difference through the combination of knowledge with technology. Hormonal balance is the ultimate goal.

Cindy’s compelling story…

“I feel like I am at least 20 years younger again, and I am enjoying my life again!” The touching, but equally inspiring story of Cindy.

Her transformation makes us proud!

My name is Cindy, I am 46 years old and the mother of 2 sons aged 19 and 15.
My story about my transformation started a year ago when I stepped into Bob and Joel’s. I was desperate .. I weighed 113 kilos at the time, had inflammation in my knees and from my arthrosis.
I slept badly, often had spots in front of my eyes, I had anxiety and panic attacks and was depressed and no longer had any confidence in a healthy future.
Losing weight did not work at all, no matter how little I ate, not a gram was lost.
I wrote this myself away under the age, transition.
And the fear crept over me that I had to accept it.
Nothing turned out to be further from the truth!
After a few conversations with Bob, in which he told me about the mental and physical functioning of the body, it was clear that I had to find my balance there. He and Joel have made a plan for me, in which, with the help of Cryo-therapy, exercise and the correct nutrition, I could get rid of my complaints.
I was very skeptical and had no faith at all.
But after some insistence from the home front I started the treatments.

The first time I did Cryotherapy I was very scared, especially because I was still suffering from my anxiety and panic attacks.

Joel reassured me, and kept talking to me, which made it easy for me to undergo the first treatment. It was very strange, but it felt like a sort of victory to me.

I drove away from Amstelveen and went to go grocery shopping. I will never forget this, I walked into the supermarket and I felt a wave of happiness wash over me.

Later Joel told me that this was from the endorphins that had been released because of the Cryo therapy.

The next day I awoke and I menstruated. This hadn’t happened for almost a year.

It was clear that my hormones were responding to the treatments. A kind of reset took place, and after that moment I also started losing weight again all of a sudden.

I was so happy! I also started changing my nutrition with the help of Bob and Joel’s tips and advice.

And I started moving more, and within a few weeks I noticed that this was starting to get easier. My knees started hurting less and less. And the inflammations were disappearing.

Now, a year later, I have lost 33 kilos, I am exercising a lot, and I have started bodybuilding. This has seriously saved my life!

They made me realize that I had to change my mindset, and they have supported me through it all. I feel as if I am at least 20 years younger again, and I am enjoying my life again!

I am so grateful to Bob and Joel for the difference that they have made in my life! This may be redundant, but I truly advise everyone to do this for yourself.

Ask yourself: what is worth more than feeling healthy and happy, and without pain?