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We organise various Small Group Trainings. Choose a group class that suits you and your goals. If you need advice about the different trainings we offer, please get in touch with us through the menu next to the activity of your choice.

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Sign up now for a free trial lesson during November. You can sign up for a trial class Yoga, Kick fit or Internal Martial Arts. Below you can read more about these our Small Group Training options.



Virtue yoga

This type of yoga makes the valuable yoga philosophy, which is filled with virtues such as self-confidence, perseverance and mood, more accessible. The asanas (yoga postures) come from Hatha Yoga, Dru Yoga, Yin Yoga & Kundalini Yoga.

What can you expect in a Virtue yoga class?

We will take a moment to think about the deeper meaning of a virtue. This will let you experience more depth and consciousness.

A transformation process will be started. Through various breathing techniques and meditations you will work on more inner peace and balance.

Through the asanas you will work on your physical and mental vitality, flexibility and strength, with finding your true self as the goal.

Chair yoga

Chair yoga is a mild form of yoga that is practiced with a chair. The movements are done while sitting. During standing movements the chair will be used for support. This type of movement is accessible to everyone because complicated and complex movements are not a part of chair yoga.

What can you expect in a Chair yoga class?

The classes are aimed at making the muscles and joints more flexible, improving motor skills and blood circulation. Breathing exercises and short meditations are done to release tensions and improve concentration.

During the lessons, respecting your own abilities is central and any limitations are dealt with creatively.

Hormone yoga (Only for women) 

Every Wednesday from 9 am to 10 am

Do you feel like your emotional balance has been disrupted, are you suffering from insomnia, do you feel insecure or are you sometimes reacting differently than how you wanted in retrospect? Then hormone yoga is a great choice to stabilize your hormone levels in a natural way.

This is what you can expect:

  1. Heightened body awareness and life energy
  2. Improved digestion
  3. Improved breathing
  4. Stress reduction
  5. Result: hormonal balance

Important endocrine glands that are stimulated are the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, pineal gland, thyroid, adrenal glands and gonads.

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As a trainer, I pay a lot of attention to a good foundation and technique. Especially in the beginning this is really important. The classes are varied. Some classes will be more challenging stamina-wise and every class will focus on a specific technique or exercise. I often return to the foundational techniques even with more experienced clients. I believe in the power of repetition. 

I like to include the logic and the story behind a specific technique, kick or hit in the classes. As a trainer I can be strict and I like challenging the stamina of my clients. I adjust myself to the level and ability of clients. Both during group classes and during the PT classes. Not everyone finds motivation in the same way and not everyone reacts the same way to a specific approach or tone.

Bag training

If you are learning about the sport kickboxing for the first time and want to train with the group a punching bag training is perfect. I offer varied punching bag training classes. They are definitely technical. I start with the foundation. The repetition of movement makes an excercise challenge the stamina. The punching bag training classes are technical and varied. They can also challenge everyone’s stamina through adjusted levels. Some clients enjoy training in groups without physical contact, and for these clients a punching bag training is also recommended. During the punching bag training classes you will learn to master the technique, you will build stamina through interval excercises and you will gain strength.

Technique training

The technique training courses have more interaction. A punching bag is a silent object where you learn to deal more with the movements of your training partner during the technique training. You learn to punch and kick while moving. The technique training teaches you how to block, avoid and prevent actions of your training partner. In this lesson you will learn to respond to the actions of your partner that are coming your way (sparring optional, but that depends on the group). This lesson is also technical and good for building fitness and strength.

Spar training 

Some people really want sparring training classes. These can also be in closed groups (for example a group of acquaintances/friends). For the sparring training you will need some experience, whether a punching bag training class or a technique training class. You must have some foundation. During these classes I will mostly teach you how to fight in a controlled way. People think that you will return home bruised, but that is definitely not the case. You should be a little resilient and know that there’s always some risk during contact sports. It is a great class to discover and find out what the reasons are behind all the techniques of this sport.

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Martial Minds

A combination of Shaolin Kung Fu, Yoga and Meditation. A complete package developed by Bob and targeted at the relationship between the body and mind. Introspection through movement.

Who is this for?

For everyone who would like to discover Martial Arts in a different way. Through mindful Martial Arts you will learn to notice the essence of the movements. The observation of how movements can best be conducted is central, as well as the realization of how the movement affects you.

What can you expect:

  1. Intensive attention to breathing and techniques.
  2. You will discover the movement science behind the techniques
  3. Intense movements with frequent breaks.

Shoalin Kung Fu (beginners)

This course is suitable for complete beginners who want to take Shaolin Kung Fu classes. You will learn:

  • Stretching The 5 Fundamental stances
  • The 5 Fundamental kicks
  • 8 Brocades Qigong
  • Health massage
  • The Foundation of Shaolin shapes

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